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General Info

How long will it take for my suit to get to me?
The current process time, from ordering your suit to receiving your suit, takes an average of 3 weeks.

Do you ship to any other country other than the USA & Canada?
Currently we do not. In the future, we may start selling to other countries.

What is the return policy?
The products that are sold here are not stock products but individual custom made products that were designed by you and produced by us. With this in mind, we review each concern individually and in the order it comes. Only in the case of a factory defect will we refund the money or remake the suit. In this case, you would have to send us your suit for confirmation of the concern and need for a replacement or return. You can call 619-677-2050 or email [email protected]

What about copyrights?
Because you are designing the suit, you are responsible and accountable for the designs if they go to market. Q Swimwear is not liable in the case that you have designed a suit with images to which you do not hold the rights. You will be held accountable.

I am interested in becoming a dealer?
Thank you for your interest. We treat our dealers with high regard. By becoming a dealer you have access to wholesale prices on swimsuits and a robust engine for order control and design tools. There is however qualifications that must be met to be a Q Swimwear dealer. For further interest please call 619-677-2050 or email [email protected]

What is a Fit-Kit?

A fit kit is a package containing all the different styles we sell in all the different sizes. This will help dealers sell to teams quicker due to the fact that they can try on the suits to decide what size of suit fits best.

I am part of a team, but I lost my suit. How can I get another one?
Team suits are prepared by a dealer. Usually the dealer creates a site where you can buy replacement products, but at retail price. The team discount will no longer apply.

I am an athlete and I am looking for sponsors?
Wow, that is great. Keep it up and good luck. However, Q Swimwear does not sponsor athletes because we consider our products the “canvas” on which you can place your sponsor logos. The sponsor logos can be placed on our products and uniforms at no additional cost.

What is my correct suit size?
There are a couple of ways to find your suit size. We use a consistent industry standard, so if you have a swimsuit that already fits, just check the size on your current suit. Always be certain of your correct size before ordering your suit.

I cannot find my size in the size chart. Do you offer more sizes?
We're sorry to hear that. At this moment we do not offer additional sizes.

I have different sizes in different sections of my body such as waist versus chest. is there one that is more important than another?
You have to make sure that all the different measurements in a specific size all fit. The swimsuits are made with stretchy material but the measurement that is more important is your height.

Can I get my products sooner if I pay more?
We're sorry, but most of our production is automated and processed on a first come first serve basis.

Can I send you my suit and you print it?
No. In order to print the product, the design has to be processed through our complete cycle.

Do you do special products for Paralympic athletes?
At the present time, we do not have special templates for Paralympic suits. We will be looking towards meeting this goal in the future.

Is it too late to cancel my order?
Once the order is made, you have approximately 15 hours before it goes into production. Please contact us at 619-677-2050 or [email protected]

What is Dye-Sublimation?
Dye sublimation is a printing technique that allows all over printing of full color images with superior softness. Your artwork is first printed onto large sheets of high-release paper substrate. Then, images are transferred onto the garments using heat and pressure. Heat converts the solid dye particles into a gas (a process known as sublimation) and the pressure bonds them to the polyester content of the garments. The garment then absorbs the dye. This differs from screen-printing, in that the ink sits on top of the garment during screen-printing process.

Product Care

How do I care for my suit properly?
The swimsuits are made with 53% Polyester 47% PBT and the lining is comprised of 100% Polyester. You will find labels on the swimsuits providing you with the instructions for care of your product. Proper care of your product should always be taken. Here are some care symbols along with their meanings to guide you in caring for your product:

White fuzz is beginning to appear on my suit and the image is fading. What can I do?
Rubbing your suit on rough surfaces, such as the ledge of the pool, can cause this damage to the suit. To prevent this damage, avoid sitting on rough surfaces. Proper care for the suit is paramount. Concerning the image on your suit, print on the suit does not fade. Always save the design that you made on your account to reorder when needed.

My suit needs some repairs. How can I do that?
Even individuals more adept with a needle and thread can have trouble when it comes to sewing elastic fabric. For that reason, there is a great temptation to throw out a swimsuit that has a small tear. Yet if you have another old swimsuit on hand, you have all the material you need to repair your suit. First, cut a patch from your "scrap" swimsuit, about 1 inch in diameter bigger than the tear in your suit. Then attach the patch to your suit by spreading a ring of adhesive on the inside of the suit around the tear. Place the patch on the adhesive and allow it to dry. Use a needle and thread to darn (sewing back and forth) along the edges. Any common polyester sewing thread should work. Cotton does not have enough natural elasticity. Repair the tear with the fabric slightly stretched, or use a stretch stitch on the sewing machine. If you haven't previously done one of these repairs, I'd suggest taking it to a professional, often found at dry cleaners. This may be necessary due to the fact that the lining on the swimsuit may have to be opened for thorough repair of the suit.

My shirt has white wrinkles where the design did not print. Is that normal?
Yes, it is normal. Shirts are sublimated as a whole, so we cannot guarantee perfect sublimation on the shirts. Single-sided, all-over prints will show the bare garment color on the non-printed side. You should also expect to have smudges and blurs over seams, as well as areas of creasing near the edges.

Why is my suit’s print pixelated?
We work with what you give us. We can guarantee print quality and resolution when you use our stock photography and logos. But when you upload your own images or logos, you HAVE to make sure that they are at the highest resolution and quality.


Are the colors accurate in the printing process?
The printing process converts many of your images that are in RGB to CMYK for print. When this happens, there is a difference in the color gamut. Meaning some of the colors will be printed to best resemble the original but we cannot guarantee that the colors will be identical. Just as the color can differ from one computer screen to another, the printers can differ as well.

Where can I find my sponsor logos?
Your sponsor logo should be provided to you by your sponsor. We accept any kind of high-resolution image, but if you are looking for transparency, you might want to get the images in PNG format. But the best means of acquiring your logo would be to call your sponsor and request the logo in a specific size and format.

Why does my logo appear with a white background?
Some image formats such as JPEG's come with a white background. If you desire transparency you might need a PNG file of your logo.

My design got revoked and was not allowed to be created?
Sorry to hear that. Our review team has very strict guidelines in approving or not approving a product design. Here are some of the most common reasons it does not get approved: -Curse words were used -Other competitors’ logos were used -Offensive images or logos were used

What equipment is used in the printing process?
We use the latest in dye-sublimation technology. They are all set to use the same color calibration to guarantee quality and consistency when we print.

Will the final product be identical with the product on the screen?
We have taken great care to ensure your final product is produced as you see it on the screen. However, there may be slight differences in color due to screen resolution, print differences, and RGB to CMYK conversion. We use a custom automated process that will take your design as you see it and convert it into the proper designs ready to print. There is little manual work involved in the process from design to print so that what you design is what you get. Appearance of final product can also vary depending on the size of the suit. To produce the best appearance of the artwork on the suit, it is advised to center the image well during the design process.

What is the best resolution for uploading logos?
The best resolution for uploading is 4000 by 4000 pixels. The image resolution is a responsibility that is given to you. If you upload an image that is too small or of very bad quality, that design will be printed as it comes. No additional work will be done to improve the appearance. If you have any additional questions concerning this please contact [email protected]

Which formats am I allowed to upload?
You are allowed to upload PNG, JPEG, TIFF and GIF formats. Just remember if you want the image to have transparency (for example a logo), the image itself MUST have transparency such as a PNG, GIF, etc.

What is the maximum upload size?
The maximum upload size is 4MB. This limit is set to exclude the larger images that might not be necessary for the print size.

I want to put designs across the back of the suit but I cannot, why is that?
On some suit patterns, the seams in the back can cause problems with image placement in that area. So we solved that by limiting the placement of designs.


I lost my account information. How can I retrieve it?
Just call 619-677-2050 or email [email protected] and tell us that you lost or forgot your password. Your password will be sent to the current email linked to your account.

Can I get volume discounts?
You must be a Q Swimwear partner to get volume discounts.

How can I get the same suit I saw somebody else wearing?
As you know, each suit is custom made. Chances are most of the suit designs you see are custom made for that person. That is the beauty of Q Swimwear. You can also check our store for custom designs that our creative team has designed. These are among our many design options available to you.